Discover the hidden strengths in your body and seize the benefits of functional movement with innovative equipment and training programmes.

When you walk or lift a heavy object, do you give orders to each single muscle? Is it like, “quads: flex”, or “delts: lift my arm up in the air”? Quite unlikely. Movement is the holistic product of several muscles moving together on different planes.
That’s what functional training is all about: getting the strength, coordination, balance and flexibility to fulfil those complex patterns. Live in a more efficient body with our equipment and education: start your journey into functional today.

Functional training equipment at its best


Push, pull, squat, rotate: this is just a few of the many movements that can be achieved in 1 square meter with our Kinesis Personal equipment. You wouldn’t believe a piece of authentic designer furniture could be able to provide resistance to any possible body movement in the three dimensions, until you try.

The Kinesis Personal range

Exquisite craftsmanship, superb materials: excellence is now functional.

Perfectly mirroring surfaces reflect the vision of your well-being.

The leather-like wooden panel hides a complete gym in 1 sqm.

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