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High performance training solutions for Technogym & ATS

Technogym is proud to be the preferred fitness and high-performance equipment supplier for Altitude Training Systems - ATS.
ATS are leaders in simulated altitude training systems, delivering unique and innovative solutions for the everyday health and fitness enthusiast, along with elite sporting clubs for athletic improvement – organisations include Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Victoria University and St Kilda Football Club.
Their first simulated altitude training system was developed over ten years ago, and has since engineered an innovative range to deliver optimal performance.

Altitude Training Systems collaborates with Technogym Australia to deliver the ultimate high performance altitude training solution.

Altitude training involves reducing the amount of oxygen in the room to mimic the terrestrial altitude environment, which helps to improve the body’s efficiency, heart, lungs and the way the muscles and other organs use energy.

For the health conscious, altitude training offers weight loss benefits with proven results in less time. As for athletes, consistent exposure to altitude training means that they can train and achieve the same results rather than travelling to real altitude. Since the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, when the effects of altitude on athlete’s performances were made obvious, many teams and individuals used altitude training as part of their preparation.

Date & Location
At the forthcoming Filex Fitness Show in Sydney, from the 20th to 22nd April, ATS will set up a dedicated altitude training room featuring Technogym’s Skill Line. There will be a special guest appearance and the possibility for visitors and media to participate in an unprecedented 4000m altitude training experience.

Benefits of using ATS with Technogym’s equipment

  • Weight loss and increased metabolic rate – means better results in less time
  • Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
  • Time efficiency – your body works harder in an oxygen reduced (simulated altitude) environment, providing a powerful workout
  • Increased maximal oxygen uptake known as VO2 Max
  • Enhanced power output and diminished fatigue
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness while reducing mechanical loading and stress
For rehabilitation, a simulated altitude training environment allows for the maintenance of cardiovascular fitness with lower musculoskeletal load, enabling the recovery process to speed up.

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