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Technogym at MEDICA 2019: how technology can change the future of strength training

Technogym, the world leading company in fitness, wellness and sport, will once again be present in 2019 at the seventh edition of Medica, the world's largest medical exhibition for medical technology, medical electrical equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceutical products in Dusseldorf.
From 18 to 21 November, Technogym will be present at Medica with Skillmill - the only non-motorised product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training - and BIOCIRCUIT Med, the training circuit that offers customised training programs thanks to clinically tested exercise protocols, obtaining the EEC 93/42 medical compliance certification.
In the same days, inside the exhibition space will also take place MMSC - Medica Medicine & Sport Conference, a conference deepening the medical rehabilitation and prevention within the sports world. Technogym will participate with a speech entitled Variable Inertia - How Technology can change the future of strength training. Technogym's presence at Medica strengthens the company's position in the medical rehabilitation and prevention in the Sport Performance sector.
Thanks to the unparalleled quality of its products, Technogym has created many of the most prestigious training centres in the world and has been chosen as Official Supplier of the last 7 editions of the Olympic Games: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018. The best international sports teams and the greatest athletes and associations from all over the world have chosen Technogym as their athletic training partner: among others Juventus, Inter FC, Milan FC, Paris Saint Germain in the world of football, the F1 Ferrari and McLaren teams, Luna Rossa in sailing and the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) in the United States and many others.

Technogym's intervention

In the past, Strength Training has been underestimated and sometimes ignored due to lack of knowledge or difficulty in using it in an effective and safe way. The strength training of the future will be addressed to all fitness lovers and enthusiasts, but also to the competitive athlete and the professional one.
Nowadays technology is providing training opportunities that aren’t studied yet from sport science and consequently used from trainers and therapists.  Therefore, we should start to rewrite many pages about strength training expanding and specialising its use. Technogym having always been an innovative company, will open new opportunities to trainers, scientists and doctors.
Technology will allow for training better, more safely and with better feedback and information for the user and trainers to better personalise the training process and experience. These new technologies use an engine and electronic management system to generate adaptive resistance adjustments in response to kinetic and kinematic motion parameters.

The benefits of Biocircuit and Biodrive

The benefits of aerobic exercise on various functional parameters are well defined; likewise, the beneficial effects of strength training on muscle strength and mass in all segments of the population have been widely reported in the literature. If two plus two equals four, a well-rounded exercise program consisting of both aerobic and resistance training is preferred to one that focuses only on a single mode of exercise.
In the Biocircuit format, thanks to an intelligent and sophisticated transmission system called biodrive, it is possible to create different programs according to needs, balancing all the phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric, in terms of resistance, adaptive workload, spotter assistance and rhythm.
Only BIODRIVE can balance all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric in order to provide each user a personal program:

  • RESISTANCE PROFILES – BIODRIVE guarantees the possibility to define different intensity profiles in order to meet the needs of people requiring isotonic resistance, needing to reduce inertia, or willing to use viscous resistance
  • ADAPTIVE WORKLOAD – BIODRIVE ensures that the workload is constantly controlled
  • SPOTTER ASSISTANCE – BIODRIVE activates the spotter function to relieve and provide assistance to the user when he/she can’t fully manage his/her workout
  • PACE – BIODRIVE selects the proper pace based on user’s needs to achieve maximum effectiveness.
But how can variable inertia, if properly manipulated, help in rehabilitation and sports performance, and achieve safe and effective strength training sessions?

The advantages of variable inertia training

The variable inertia training consisting in the manipulation of inertia in either rehabilitation and sport performance in order to obtain safer and more effective training sessions. By introducing the concept of inertia into strength training, there are factors that we need to consider for a training or rehabilitation program. In fact, already today robotic resistance machines allow an increase in the quality of training.
These devices enable several advanced strength training modalities, not only can they simulate external resistance of different kinds (i.e. gravitational, elastic, viscous, isokinetic, etc.) but can also manipulate different levels of inertial force. These new training modalities can be designed to closely reproduce the kinematic and kinetic patterns occurring during different kinds of applications, rehabilitation included, but that are also to open new scenarios to improve explosive power for sports performance.
With Biocircuit, it isn’t necessary anymore to be an expert to train well and the potential to customise workouts for trainers and therapists are endless.

Biostrength equipment offers a truly personalised workout thanks to different resistance profiles, adaptive workload, spotter assistance and pace monitoring provided by Biodrive. In terms of posture, Biostrength offers a motorised seat adjustment system, in order to experience a fast and seamless setup.

A workout that fits to you

Thanks to the BIODRIVE patent, BIOCIRCUIT is the first training line offering a personalized workout in a safe, guided and effective way. Based on revolutionary aerospace technology, BIODRIVE is a motor controller that delivers a tailored workout to help users to achieve the best results in a short amount of time.

The only system in the market connected with the native software of the circuit; it requires only one login and is totally customizable to the users’ needs.

BIOCIRCUIT equipment range

BIOCIRCUIT format includes equipment with automatic setting after the first user recognition, consoles displaying the program to the users on each machine, flooring hiding cables and guiding users to the next station, UNITY SELF, a dedicated kiosk, where users start and finish their journey, that keeps all the equipment synchronized and an external screen connected to the kiosk in order to create a more engaging experience.
BIOSTRENGTH equipment offering a truly personalized workout thanks to different resistance profiles, adaptive workload, spotter assistance and pace monitoring provided by BIODRIVE. In terms of posture, Biostrength offers a motorized seat adjustment system, in order to experience a fast and seamless setup. RUN providing a dynamically adaptive running surface, the best console position and FAST TRACK system enabling users to adjust speed and incline on the fly BIKE offering 3 different training positions, easy entry pedals, fast track and fully automatic saddle height adjustment.

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