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Working for Wellness: the Technogym programme for the health and well-being of its employees

A comprehensive employee health programme that includes a state-of-the-art gym, free medical check-ups and out-of-company sporting activities.
In the increasingly competitive scenario in which they operate, leading companies stand out above all for the quality of their employees, motivating people and employees and becoming motivators of themselves and others.

Technogym, recognised as a promoter of a new social and business model based on personal well-being, has prepared complete program of health and wellness at work for its employees that includes in addition to the Wellness Centre equipped with the latest technology, a health care program, and numerous sports activities and training.

Creativity and productivity cannot be separated from a healthy and trained body that can also produce psychological and mental benefits. In this context, many international companies have implemented Corporate Wellness projects.
Therefore, Technogym, from its own environment, has put in place comprehensive workplace health programs that include exercise areas, food and health care programs. Employees can therefore follow a Corporate Wellness programme aimed at improving personal wellbeing, conceived and supervised by the experts of the Technogym Research Centre, which acts on the three fundamental pillars of Wellness: physical activity, correct feeding, positive mental approach.

Corporate Wellness within the working day

The T-Wellness centre allows employees to be the first users of the product, making them true product experts, stimulating them to innovate and suggest new proposals and improvements.

The Wellness Centre, showroom and gym, is free of charge to all employees who wish to make use of a personalised program of physical activity followed up by professional instructors and characterised by a wide choice of activities and courses both individual and group.

On Saturday mornings the gym is also open to family and friends of Technogym staff.
The company gym is open to all employees, who can train independently before or after working hours, or they can choose and participate in the many classes organised during the lunch break. Training sessions are managed by Technogym Ambassadors; passionate and competent employees in specific disciplines that invest their time making it available to colleagues, to give life and try out the new proposals from Technogym, the same that will then be offered to the market.

Corporate Wellness is health

Every year Technogym, supported by the basic health facilities, organises free medical examinations for its employees, who can thus monitor their state of health over the years and have regular exchanges with specialists to receive useful advice to improve their health and aimed at preventing diseases.

The results of these medical examinations, analysed by independent universities, clearly show that Technogym personnel participating in the Corporate Wellness programme improve or maintain their state of health over time.

Technogym has adopted a new index called the Wellness Index, derived from data from Movement, Nutrition and Stress.
During a study conducted in 2018, the values of the Technogym Wellness Index showed a strong inverse correlation with absenteeism: the higher the score of the wellness index, the lower the absenteeism.

Corporate Wellness is sport

Technogym Village has a large outdoor park dedicated to physical activity and sport, where you can find a basketball court, pedestrian and cycle paths and a platform for outdoor exercise.

As part of its sports activities, every year Technogym organises summer beach volleyball, beach tennis, basketball and table tennis tournaments, open to all employees to strengthen ties and team spirit.

We would not be able to promote wellness in the world, as we have been doing since 1993, if we did not apply it first in our lives and in our company.NERIO ALESSANDRI - President and Founder of Technogym

The workplace is the ideal setting for the implementation of prevention and wellness programs, sometimes all you need is a little care and motivation.
For example, organising educational activities on topics such as: the positive mental approach, proper nutrition or team building, so as to offer tools and experiences to improve your lifestyle. innovation is an essential factor for development and requires a strong enhancement of human capital. Technogym, thanks to its vision of well-being, has been recognised as a promoter of a new social and business model based on personal well-being.

More than 30 years ago, in the golden age of body building in Romagna, Nerio Alessandri - president and founder of Technogym - launched his new vision, Wellness, a 100% Italian lifestyle that has its roots in the ancient Roman saying mens sana in corpore sano, based on regular physical activity, healthy eating habits and a positive mental attitude. It was a real revolution: from looking good to feeling good.

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