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The importance of exercise in cancer care

On Friday 29th November 2019 the Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo, among the most famous oncological institutes in Central Italy and based in Emilia Romagna, organized a conference entitled Biomarkers Summit in Urological Cancers, with the aim of taking stock of the situation of knowledge and research on biomarkers in prostate cancer. The meeting, which hosted the most important European researchers and specialists, addressed to oncologists, biologists and specialized doctors, focused mainly on recent research acquisitions and development strategies.

The role of physical exercise

In recent years, considerable progress has been made both on the knowledge of the mechanisms underlying the onset of these cancers, and on new therapeutic protocols. Exercise is one of the intervention methods that have been studied in depth and are proving to be effective on patients undergoing treatment.
Due to the importance of physical exercise in cancer care, Silvano Zanuso, head of Technogym's Scientific Research, spoke at the conference with a speech that illustrated the new technologies developed, useful to clinicians and patients during the treatments. In the case of genitourinary tumours, in fact, as for example in the case of prostate cancer, exercise, especially strength, is to be considered as a very promising form of intervention to combat the loss of muscle mass induced by the disease and the drugs used, and to increase strength, and therefore the recovery of general functionality of patients.

BIOCIRCUIT adapts to every need

Technogym has launched a research programme with Sloan Memorial Kettering in New York, the oldest and largest private cancer treatment and study centre in the world, based in Manhattan and already operating in the field for 130 years. The collaboration with Technogym has allowed to undertake innovative studies on the effectiveness of exercise in the different phases of treatment: before the start of treatment, in combination with chemotherapy, at the end of the treatment protocol.

Among the many solutions to combine physical exercise with cancer treatment, Biocircuit is particularly suitable because, thanks to digital technology, it allows each user to perform exactly the type of exercise prescribed. With Biocircuit, the clinician can dose both the mode and intensity of the load extremely precisely thanks to a load generation system called Biodrive.

Biocircuit is a system already in use in important clinical and research centres and Technogym will be at the side of the Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo in the study of new protocols for exercise therapy.

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