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Technogym Group Cycle Connect in the biggest ride of the year

On 22, 23 and 24 November Technogym will be present at IMD - International Master Days, now in its tenth edition, providing more than 500 indoor bikes.

The event promoted and organized by ICYFF - Indoor Cycling and Fitness Federation, will take place at the RDS Stadium in Rimini, and will allow more than 2500 people to participate in one of the most exciting rides ever organized to date. Over 5000 places are available, with classes managed and animated by the most famous faces of indoor cycling: IMD is one of the biggest indoor cycling events in the world.

Group Cycle Ride and Group Cycle Connect, are the ideal solution for an indoor cycling adventure, full of excitement and motivation, as well as connectivity - ensuring shared experiences and fully customised training at the same time.

Sport, Training, Fun will be the protagonists of the event that will alternate moments of training to moments of advanced training for instructors with workshops and lectures scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

IMD 2019: 10 years of Group Cycling in one big ride

Group Cycling is the discipline that satisfies the cycling fans, rewards the clubs and provides the instructor with effective and constant support over time, to express their professionalism. The project, all made in Italy, finds in the partnership between ICYFF and Technogym the perfect combination to propose a modern indoor cycling solution, able to combine training, fun and safety.

To further seal this tenth year of activity, IMD 2019 will be an unprecedented event, which will give all fans of the sector the opportunity to share a unique experience of indoor cycling.

Ten Years is the leitmotiv of this edition and the entire program of the event will be based on these first ten years of travel together. Through 10 unique rides, ICYFF will tell the story of the first decade of their history, with a backward journey that will project, in a sort of return to the future from today to the first bars, the first steps, the first stories of the revolutionary project of indoor cycling that, from 2009 to the present, has conquered thousands of fans.

Group Cycle Connect is able to detect training power, heart rate, cadence, calorie consumption and all other key parameters, allowing users to improve their performance and achieve their goals, thanks to the new Console connected to the mywellness Cloud platform by Technogym.

The benefits of Group Cycle Connect for indoor cycling

With Technogym's Group Cycle Connect, riders who train at IMD will benefit from an extraordinarily rewarding cycling experience in an engaging and competitive atmosphere. Group Cycle Connect can detect training power, heart rate, cadence, calorie consumption and all other key parameters, allowing users to improve their performance and achieve their goals, thanks to the Console connected to the mywellness cloud platform from Technogym.
It satisfies every need of users, even the most passionate cyclists, thanks to the perfect simulation of cycling training on the road, the precise tracking of data and the ability to live an immersive multisensory experience to see, feel and experience all the sensations of cycling.

IMD is the most important event of Group Cycling but also of indoor cycling in Italy. Perhaps there are no other events in the world that have these characteristics. There are those who gather more bikes but for a few hours. I remember that we have 510 bikes available in three days, with a huge movement of people and a deployment of forces. The expectations were absolutely fulfilled. It's the indoor cycling event of excellence. Alfredo Venturi, IMD Founder

Technogym equipment at IMD 2019

With Group Cycle Connect by Technogym, riders will benefit from an extraordinarily rewarding cycling experience, in an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

Technogym's cloud-based MyWellness platform provides information about each user's training performance and makes it possible to organise challenges. During group lessons, the trainer can view and project each rider's performance data to create challenges and make training even more exciting.
Thanks to the technology, users can participate in an individual or team competition by comparing the performance data of each participant on a large screen in real time.

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