Wellness is health and prevention.
Medical and scientific research, development of products, digital technologies and rehabilitation programmes
have always been the lifeblood of Technogym, in which the company has always invested.
Find out more discovering the latest researches and solutions for medical wellness.

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Low back pain: the role of core muscles

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The positive effects of physical exercise on our immune system

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Stay at home but keep on moving

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World Cancer Day: why exercise is medicine for cancer care

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Type 2 diabetes: mywellness digital platform takes the field and support research

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Measuring heart performance under stress: the many values of the cardiopulmonary exercise test

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Isokinetic Conference 2019: football medicine meets the world of sport

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The effects of agility training on the progression of Parkinson's symptoms

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Intermittent fasting: what is its real effect on the body and how should you do it? The floor to the expert

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Power nap: when being lazy and sleeping a bit can actually benefit your sports performance

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The importance of measuring aerobic capacity among the population

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Medical training and technological devices are the key to a healthy heart

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Using heartbeat monitors: from sports to health

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Helping football injury rehabilitation through treadmill technology

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Keeping your legs running fit

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