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Technogym launches BIOCIRCUIT

Technogym is launching the new BIOCIRCUIT, the new circuit training solution and method offering a personalized workout to help users to achieve their goals in a short amount of time. The guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time, since exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programs.
BIOCIRCUIT offers a quick and effective training always ready when the user is ready to go and includes everything end-users need for the best muscle activation. Moreover, thanks to the BIODRIVE patent, BIOCIRCUIT is the first training line offering a personalized workout in a safe, guided and effective way. Based on revolutionary aerospace technology, BIODRIVE is a motor controller that delivers a tailored workout to help users to achieve the best results in a short amount of time. BIODRIVE is the only system in the market connected with the native software of the circuit; it requires only one login and is totally customizable to the users’ needs.
Different needs require different programs. Only BIODRIVE can balance all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric in order to provide each user a personal program:

  • Resistance profiles: BIODRIVE guarantees the possibility to define different intensity profiles in order to meet the needs of people requiring isotonic resistance, needing to reduce inertia, or willing to use viscous resistance
  • Adaptive Workload: BIODRIVE ensures that the workload is constantly controlled
  • Spotter assistance: BIODRIVE activates the spotter function to relieve and provide assistance to the user when he/she can’t fully manage his/her workout
  • Pace: BIODRIVE selects the proper pace based on user’s needs to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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BIOCIRCUIT format includes equipment with automatic setting after the first user recognition, consoles displaying the program to the users on each machine, flooring hiding cables and guiding users to the next station, UNITY SELF, a dedicated kiosk, where users start and finish their journey, that keeps all the equipment synchronized and an external screen connected to the kiosk in order to create a more engaging experience.
BIOCIRCUIT equipment range includes:


Biostrength equipment offering a truly personalized workout thanks to different resistance profiles, adaptive workload, spotter assistance and pace monitoring provided by BIODRIVE. In terms of posture, Biostrength offers a motorized seat adjustment system, in order to experience a fast and seamless setup.


Run providing a dynamically adaptive running surface, the best console position and FAST TRACK system enabling users to adjust speed and incline on the fly.


Bike offering 3 different training positions, easy entry pedals, fast track and fully automatic saddle height adjustment.

Business wise, choosing BIOCIRCUIT means more than purchasing a turnkey format. It represents a whole system of business support. The BIOCIRCUIT Consultants and Business Guides will provide you with profitable business models to maximize ROI. You will also receive practical advice on how to market the product inside the Club, together with site-specific marketing suggestions.

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