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Technogym supports Active Uprising Conference 2019

The second year of the Active Upising 2019 conference was stronger than ever, with industry names joining forces to set the agenda for sector growth against an eye-opening backdrop of inactivity statistics. Technogym was there as lead sponsor, supporting UK Active in bringing people together at this pivotal event.
Active Uprising 2019 had a varied interactive agenda with multiple streams. Keynote speakers from across business, politics, and media joined leaders from UK Active Kids, Sweat North, and Active Lab. The focus was clearly on knowledge sharing and education, as the agenda shone a light on the next five years of sector growth. Here’s a look at the conversations that were shared between forward-thinking organisations.
The main theme of the event was knowledge and education sharing: the 2019 agenda highlighted the next five years of growth in the wellness sector.  Here is a look at the interventions and activities of Active Uprising 2019.

A Global Crisis Of Inactivity

Hosts UK Active left us in no doubt as to why we were all here. Their findings showed that - on a global level - physical inactivity currently costs an estimated 3.2 million people lives annually. This global crisis has promoted a global response - with Active Uprising bringing it all together under one roof.

This event gathered 1,000 leading decision makers for thought-provoking discussions and debates on how to tackle the problem. Active Uprising 2019 had five strands: Challenge the Mindset, UK Active Kids, Active Lab, Sweat North and Empowering the Workforce. This year’s agenda also had networking, insight, and innovation events plus awards to celebrate pioneers.

Kick-Starting The Conference With Technogym Skillmilll

There was no chance of sleeping in at Active Uprising 2019. Lead sponsor Technogym hosted an energising Sweat Session to kick start the day. Master Trainer Ben led a full workout, demonstrating the diversity of the Skillmill. Participants switched from training power, agility, and stamina to speed on the Skillmill, raising their heart rates with dynamic movements and conditioning sets. This was a full body workout in a boutique environment for a truly 2019 fitness experience.

Technogym Activate Sweat North Seminars

Boutique fitness is still growing, with no signs of slowing down, and it’s starting to move outside the capital. Technogym sponsored the Sweat North seminars, which run through the out the day offering panel discussions dedicated to opportunities and considerations for boutique, giving invaluable insight into how the boutique market is expanding beyond London.
The boutique fitness discussions included input from leading industry experts like Chris Heron of The Engine Room and Rob Ward (Your Gym) who discussed the “Aggredators, The Good & The Bad” and talked about how to “Maximise your Offering”.
Guest speaker Chris Heron (who exclusively uses Technogym Skillrow in his rowing studio) discussed how group exercise is more popular than ever, but operators must respond to the changing demands of customers. For example, The Engine Room’s customer base want to learn good rowing technique whilst still getting such an unforgettable experience - and it is down to Chris and his team to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Skillbike classes for Fitness Boutique

Success in boutique fitness means giving customers enticing (and ever-evolving) experiences so don’t get bored. A report on Moving Communities: Active Leisure Trends 2018  showed group cycling is more popular than ever - making up 13% of all exercise classes. Indoor cycling also demonstrates an ongoing opportunity to respond to demand for HIIT.
The Skillbike class showed during the event how operators can respond to the needs of a high intensity indoor group cycling experience with an engaging and interactive technology that offers much more than just a cycling class. The Skillbike class solution is an adaptive and proactive way to improve your offering in a demanding market.
SKILLBIKE RACE CLASS feeds the passion for cilcism allowing you to enter into a healthy competition with other cycling lovers. Chase yourself along the climbs displayed on the screen, while SKILLBIKE automatically adjusts the resistance according to your weight and the inclination profile created by the trainer.

Technology Is Diversifying The Industry

Active Uprising visitors were able to see first-hand how technology is changing the industry. The event’s innovative Active Lab gave several ambitious entrepreneurs the floor, allowing them to present brand-new business ideas. Each industry innovator had 60 seconds to pitch their start-up, with the aim of winning votes and being named winner of the prestigious Active Lab accelerator programme.
Phase two saw the Active Lab creators enticing the audience to pick their business ideas via the Active Uprising app. Only one innovation could take the top spot, and it was CoachAi which became this year’s winner of the Active Lab accelerator program.
The Lab was a fun and thought-provoking way to highlight how tech is tackling the big issue of inactivity by making sports and physical activity accessible. Consumer demands are changing, interaction with tech is evolving, and the problem of inactivity is not getting smaller. It’s clear there is plenty of space for supportive technology and smart ideas.

The Road Ahead For Physical Activity?

Active Uprising 2019 was a lively, interactive event that left us in no doubt that the physical activity is expanding - but that we have a big (and important) job to do. All the discussion, debates and thoughts from our keynote speakers, from visiting Olympians, and from leaders from other sectors helped shine clarity on the path ahead.

  • Technology: the expansion of technologies and how it is targeting areas of inactivity
  • Accessibility: tech can also influence accessibility to sport and physical exercise
  • Digital: embrace the digital offering available as they are being demanded whilst keep an eye on new innovations; use the event app to vote, reach sponsors, design their day, and review the event
  • Diversity: many keynote speakers placed emphasis on encouraging women of all ages into sport
  • Mindset: discussion also turned to the power of physical activity for mood, mindset, and mental health

The UK Active Awards - And A Special Guest

The UK Active Awards ceremony celebrated people who have made a positive contribution to the industry by overcoming barriers to physical activity. The variety of awards reflected the diversity of achievements. One new award was presented this year - the Higher Education Physical Activity Excellence Award.
Warwick Sport, The University of Hertfordshire, and King’s Sport were shortlisted. The sought-after Supplier of the Year saw Technogym shortlisted. The day ended with a nostalgic (and colourful) reminder of the importance of getting more people, more active, more often - Mr Motivator graced the stage! It was a great note not just of the important job we must do, but of how fun and lively our industry can be. Now it’s down to all of us to get that message out there.

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