Today, cardio training is no longer just synonymous with exercises designed to promote weight loss. Today, you don't necessarily have to choose between a cardio workout and strength training. Today, the treadmill is no longer just for running: today, SKILLRUN is born.


SKILLRUN is the first professional treadmill that allows you to do perform a cardio workout and strength training on a single product. Its features make it unique - a piece of equipment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Speed training. One of the innovations introduced with this professional treadmill is PARACHUTE TRAINING: using the optional PARACHUTE TRAINING KIT, the sensation of running outdoors with a parachute is reproduced in optimised conditions. Resistance is null at the start and increases as you gain speed. Ideal for speed resistance athletic training.
Strength training. Boost your explosive power and acceleration with SLED TRAINING. This exclusive Technogym workout reproduces the feeling of sled push training on grass. Resistance is high at the start and decreases to a constant rate as you pick up speed. Agility training. The wider running surface enables you to easily change direction and cadence in total safety and comfort. Stamina training. SKILLRUN also provides precise feedback in real time on parameters such as running power, cadence and stride length. This way, even prolonged efforts can be monitored and managed in the best possible way.


With SKILLRUN, the highest levels of run training can be achieved. The running surface is 55 centimetres wide, while the top speed of the SKILLRUN professional treadmill is 30 kilometres per hour, making it the perfect piece of equipment for athletes. The treadmill can be used with any type of incline, including negative. The speed and incline parameters can be adjusted instantly using the QUICKPAD on the console, and acceleration and deceleration times are much more immediate than those seen with standard adjustment, making the SKILLRUN the perfect HIIT treadmill.


SKILLRUN is part of the SKILL LINE range, a line of products created for SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING, a method developed by Technogym in collaboration with Olympic champions for all those who want to improve their athletic performance. Featured products include SKILLMILL, the only non-motorised professional treadmill that combines Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility and SKILLROW, the first indoor rowing solution capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular functions in a single solution. The range is completed with SKILLBIKE, the first exercise cycle with a real gear shift.

Technogym skillrun-configurable skillrun-configurable



Skillrun übertrifft selbst die abenteuerlichsten Erwartungen an ein Laufband. In erster Linie ist es ein Laufsportgerät, das für die Trainingsansprüche von Spitzensportlern und anspruchsvollen Fitnessliebhabern konzipiert wurde. Dank seiner einzigartigen MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ können die Nutzer von Skillrun Herzkreislauf- und Krafttraining in einer einzigen Lösung kombinieren.
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Die Preise verstehen sich inkl. MwSt., 2 Jahre Gewährleistung, Transport und Installation. Technogym erbringt einen hochwertigen Transport- und Montageservice, bei dem höchster Wert aufs Detail gelegt wird. Die Installation umfasst den Zusammenbau und das Aufstellen des Geräts, das Testen und die abschließende Reinigung des Montagebereichs. Der Service kann für einen bestimmten Tag und den Zeitpunkt, der Ihnen am besten passt, gebucht werden.
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