Surpassing the levels achieved when training with simple indoor bike trainer, the MyCycling smart trainer turns indoor training into an essential exercise for any cyclist who wants to improve both athletic and mental performance. Although training with turbo trainers is nothing new, thanks to TNT (Technogym Neuromuscular Training) and smart integrated technology, MyCycling lets you train in accordance with your personal goals, your own physical condition and the time you have available.


Developed in collaboration with cycling champions, the MyCycling smart trainer boasts features such as Pedal Printing, the Road Effect System, the Core stability Kit, MyCycling Coach, a host of training programmes and compatibility with third-party apps (Strava, Zwift, Garmin, Polar and more). With this advanced turbo trainer, you can elevate your indoor training to a truly professional experience, and not simply an alternative to riding outdoors when weather conditions are less than ideal.
Visualise the symmetry and circularity of your pedalling; Tackle the same conditions and inertia as the road; Train your core with the Stability Kit, to increase the power of your pedal stroke; Get tips and instructions from our certified coaches, and even talk to them in the chat function. Through these features and more, MyCycling guarantees the best possible training experience with an indoor bike trainer.


In addition to the product, there are three further features that make indoor training with MyCycling more than just an exercise in pedalling: The dedicated app, with training programmes created by professional trainers and experts and a coaching service. On the MyCycling app, you begin with a threshold value test, in order to assess your fitness and consequently set your goals. You can then select the Technogym Neuromuscular Training (TNT) programme, the special training methodology based on construction, development and refinement phases... ...Or you can connect to any of the major cycling apps, such as Zwift, Garmin and Strava, enabling you to replicate outdoor cycling routes with digital routes that you can complete on your smart trainer.
The Programmes icon is next to the Homepage icon in the MyCycling App; programmes are divided into two categories, “suggested by Technogym” and “suggested by trainers”. Finally, the latest app release provides a vast selection of challenging cycling routes: From hilly rides to those focused on power, to hill intervals and digital routes designed to train agility or specific strength, there truly are multitude of options to improve cycling. This is why the MyCycling indoor bike trainer - which weighs 18 kg and is 570 mm long, 830 mm wide and 500 mm high - is so much more than an indoor bike trainer: it is a true smart turbo trainer.




MyCycling präsentiert das patentierte Technogym Indoor-Cycling-System TNT™ (Technogym Neuromuscular Training™), welches Ihnen ermöglicht, die Eigenschaften zu verbessern, die Sie beim Radfahren auf der Straße benötigen. Mit Unterrichtseinheiten mit einer Länge von nur 40 bzw. 70 Minuten variiert TNT kontinuierlich das Tempo und den Kraftaufwand, wenn Sie in die Pedale treten und wird Ihre Trainingsweise für immer ändern.
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1.790,00 €
Inklusive MwSt. und Transportkosten
Die Preise verstehen sich einschließlich USt., 2 Jahre Gewährleistung, Transport, Montageset, Ritzelpaket mit 11 Schaltungen (12–23) und Smartphonehalter. Dank des Montagesets können Fahrräder mit einer hinteren Baubreite von 130, 135 und 142 mm auf dem Gerät montiert werden.
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