No matter what your fitness goals are, Biocircuit™ gets you there - faster and better. How? With a completely guided program delivering an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time.

This complete training program fits your body and schedule perfectly. The customizable workout takes just 30 minutes, requires no adjustments or
waiting time, and delivers maximum muscle activation.

The circuit includes everything you need for the best muscle activation imaginable. Quick and effective, your workout is always there for you, and ready when you are.


Circuit training



22 minutes strength only / 30 minutes cardio and strength



individuals looking for a time-efficient and results-driven training

What makes it unique

It’s quick: complete and customized cardio and strength training in 30 minutes.

It’s easy to start, and members can enter the circuit while others are working out.

No chance for mistakes: training is always guided and guarantees maximum muscular activation.

A self-regulating circuit with equipment that adapts to specific individual needs.

biocircuit class

The Journey

biocircuit class get started
Step 1

Get started

The setup starts at the Unity™ Self kiosk, where participants can log in, sync their station, and select a program.

biocircuit class login
Step 2

One login

Participants log in to the Unity Self to start the workout. They are shown their Biocircuit Plan and directed to their first station or placed on the waiting list. Each participant can start from any available station.

biocircuit class cardio training
Step 3

Cardio training

On arrival at each station, participants simply start exercising without the need to log in. The machines will be preset with a 3.15-minute workout on Run and Bike, and participants can change speed, incline or power.

biocircuit class strength training
Step 4

Strength training

After each exercise, participants are redirected to the next station with 30 seconds rest time to transition. During the 45-second workout on Biostrength, participants can adjust the workload.

biocircuit class workout tracking
Step 5

Workout tracking

At the end of two laps, the circuit ends. Participants can then check their results on the Unity Self kiosk or the mywellness app.

Smart programs

Research has designed the Biocircuit training method to get the best possible results. Exercises, workload, work/rest ratio, and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programs addressing different needs individually.

biocircuit start moving
Start moving

Boost your energy and mood with increased muscle strength and improved posture.

biocircuit lose weight
Lose weight

Raise your metabolic rate for a slimmer shape by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength.

biocircuit tone your body
Tone your body

Look and feel great by improving muscle balance and harmony, toning postural muscle tone, and increasing joint flexibility.

biocircuit stay young
Stay young

Enhance your quality of life with a safe strength training program that is beneficial to your body energy, skeletal system and mood.

biocircuit boost performance
Boost performance

Increase athletic performance, improve muscle power, and ignite your competitive spirit with high-intensity training.


The key to delivering individually personalized workouts is Biodrive™. Exclusive to the Biostrength line of equipment, the intelligent drive is controlled by the program and adapts to the specific needs of each participant.

biocircuit strength that suits you

Strength that suits you

Biodrive’s patented technology balances all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric. This means that resistance and pace are optimized for maximum effectiveness and safety, based on individual needs and objectives.

What's included

biocircuit smart equipment
Smart equipment

Completely managed by the program, the cardio and strength equipment adjusts automatically to each participant.

biocircuit unity self
Unity Self

The kiosk manages Biocircuit completely through its app. When participants log in, it directs them to the available stations.

biocircuit premium flooring
Premium flooring

The flooring numbered patterns guide participants throughout the exercises while hiding cables away.

biocircuit external display
External display

Managed by the app on the Unity Self kiosk, the display shows each participant's position in the circuit, the waiting list, and sets the pace.

biocircuit program library
Program library

Prescribe Professional App
Customize the circuit through the app, including the number of rounds and resistance.

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