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Attract more members with cutting-edge equipment that preserves its value in time. Keep them engaged with amazing group training experiences. Offer a seamless customer journey with our digital solutions. If your commitment is getting more people to feel better through exercise, we’re here to boost your success.

Offer a unique experience, differentiate from all the others

With Technogym, you can offer your members an exclusive experience, fully customized to your business and strategic needs.

prestige solution promotion

An attractive and enjoyable environment, supported by dedicated marketing activities, contributes significantly to promote your club.

prestige solution assessment

Your customers can easily discover their real goals and aspirations, while also keeping track of their biometric data.

prestige solution programming

A tailored training program is available for everyone, focused on specific personal goals.

prestige solution training

Your club members can enjoy a truly unique and personalized gym experience featuring workout tracking, functional and group training, and customized entertainment.

prestige solution engagement

Endless training and entertainment options provide your customers with a consistently challenging and motivating way to achieve their goals, fostering loyalty in your club.

On the go
prestige solution on the go

Your customers can access their personal content and training programs using their personal devices whenever and wherever they like.

The keys to improve your return on investment

A great and satisfying member experience results in a better return on investment.

prestige solution attraction

Attract new members through a unique user experience and a host of marketing tools, training concepts, initiatives and need-oriented programs.

prestige solution retention

Increase member loyalty and maintain excellent customer satisfaction thanks to our advanced digital solutions and unique equipment features.

Secondary revenue
prestige solution secondary revenue

Create new revenue opportunities with dedicated personal and group training solutions and a fully customized and differentiated user experience thanks to the mywellness® platform.

Total cost of ownership
prestige solution total cost of ownership

Invest on equipment that maintains, over time, the highest residual value in the industry.

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Watch inspiring success stories

Fitness First Titanium Barangaroo - Sydney, Australia

World class technology

Fitness First has opened its first ever Titanium Club in Sydney’s Barangaroo harbourside precinct, providing access to world class technology and fitness innovations. Set in a 1,200 sqm space filled with natural light, Fitness First Barangaroo is a fully connected mywellness facility boosting ARTIS DIAMOND BLACK state-of-the-art equipment.

Cmg Sports Club Pure Bastille - Paris, France

Exclusive design

Providing members with ARTIS connected equipment and exclusive design has been a natural choice for the prestigious CMG Sport Club Pure Bastille, combined with the outstanding level of service ensured by Technogym in downtown Paris.

The Engine Room – London, UK

Rowing boutique

The ROW 101 class provides the perfect introduction to rowing focused on technique. They then offer two signature classes, BEATS & BREATHE each offering something unique. The Engine Room studio also offers its members access to a dedicated Engine room app powered by SKILLROW allowing users to receive real time feedback on performance metrics and record their performance.

Nuffield Health - Wolverhampton, UK

Engaging formats

Nuffield Health operates 111 fitness and wellbeing clubs across the UK and has delivered a gym floor transformation project to enhance the member experience with the latest smart equipment and digital technology from Technogym allowing members to enjoy a trackable and personalised fitness experience. Newly created zones on the gym floor utilising SKILL LINE bring a new dynamic to the programming customised to individual’s fitness levels with a focus on power, agility, stamina and speed across the SKILLRUN, SKILLROW and SKILLBIKE zones.

Our business offering

Technogym provides you with tailor-made solutions to meet every need, all the way from project design to startup and facility management.

We can help you create an attractive and enjoyable Wellness area with whatever space you have available.

Our aim is to provide targeted education to exercise professionals via a wide range of specially developed programmes designed to engage users and deliver the best possible Wellness experience.

Our marketing resources help promote your facility and services to customers in a more interesting and engaging way.

Wherever your business is located, we can support your investment with safe, fast and tailored financing solutions thanks to an international network of banking and insurance institutions.

Equipment ranging from professional products through to beautifully designed functional tools, all suited to a variety of Wellness areas, from gym to spa and even a business lounge.

When you buy Technogym products, you also receive the best after sales service – to increase and protect the lifespan and value of your investment.


mywellness is the industry's first open cloud platform that allows operators to increase profits through the ability to manage their customers' Wellness lifestyles.

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