Workouts and benefits of the indoor rower

Whatever you’re looking for in your physical activity, whether losing weight, improving muscle tone and strength or getting better at a particular sport, you can now achieve it at home, thanks to indoor rowing.

The benefits of indoor rowing

Lose weight

Compared to other cardio activities, rowing burns more calories in the same amount of time, because it engages a wide range of muscles.

Total body

The rowing movement on the rower engages around 84% of your total muscle mass: from the fingertips holding the handle to the forefoot on the foot pedal.

No stress

Rowing is an effective training method that calls for a fluid action, with no violent impact and no stress on your joints.

Tone legs

Tone your body, especially your legs, back and arms. Rowing stimulates your circulation and improves your overall flexibility.

Train your heart

Improve your cardiovascular system whilst constantly boosting your physical endurance and lung capacity.

Indoor rowing, like rowing on water

The rower reproduces the feeling and benefits of rowing on water at home. Watch the video to find out how.


The cardio total body workout becomes a feat of pure performance. Functional design, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology enable you to train every muscle in your body. You are the one who sets the pace and decides the rhythm, intensity and type of workout: simply adjust the resistance. This is gradual, ensuring a more fluid movement with no recoil for the back.


Workouts on the SKILLROW rower

Regardless of the workout you want to complete, our SKILLROW rower will give you all the sensations of a real rowing session on the water. Are you a rowing beginner? With the SKILLROW App, you can learn to row like a champion, following advice from professional trainers.


With this programme, you can improve your cardiovascular efficiency and perfect your technique, showing off your speed over short distances and sprints.


 A specific programme that enables the strength of your muscles be expressed to the full is what you need to take your performance to the next level.


Rowing is excellent for increasing your physical stamina. The secret is to gradually increase the magnetic resistance in line with the distance you cover.

Tone your body

Rowing offers a complete workout which tones the entire body. All of the main muscle groups are engaged in the rowing cycle: from the back to the  legs.

Other Skill Line products

The products in the Skill Line open new horizons in terms of sporting performance: in addition to the gym, they are also perfect for training at home.