Our Wellness Design Service

is the result of years of experience acquired in the field of fitness and wellness center design, and is aimed at creating the ideal environment for physical and mental wellbeing.


Market research has shown that a facility’s atmosphere has a significant impact upon a potential client’s decision to become a member. Psychological wellbeing is closely linked to environmental factors, such as light, colors, and a relaxing environment.
From fitness clubs and corporate gyms, to hotels, spas and medical centers, it’s always important to create a relaxing, natural environment that's as welcoming as possible.


The various areas should all be carefully designed in order to make the user feel at ease and enjoy their surroundings.

Quiet environments and relaxation areas can help people socialize, and can contribute to the wellness and comfort of all the facility's users, and this is precisely what our Wellness Design Service aims to achieve.

We offer advice on:

Wall colouring based on the atmosphere you want to create

Floor colouring and material

Colour personalisation to match your fitness equipment

Visual communication tools for the installation area in accordance with the Wellness philosophy

Multi-sensory and aesthetic elements applied to the materials

Efficient partitioning of the available space

Interior floor plan layout


The Wellness Design Service is run by a dedicated team of designers who provide expert advice on facility design,
space distribution, and equipment layout.

The team will help your facility benefit from an intelligent design that takes into account:

  • Proper dimensioning of the available space
  • Internal flows
  • User requirements
  • Ease of management
  • The value that each individual component acquires when combined with the other components

* IHRSA European Market Report 2006.


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