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Jog Forma is a professional, gym quality treadmill designed for your home gym. The robust frame and wide running surface make running on this treadmill feel safe and natural. It also features increased durability, thanks to its long-life deck.


Jog Forma is comfortable and safe. Its Runner Detection System automatically stops the treadmill when no user is detected. The ergonomic display can be seen easily from all running positions and the display with QR Code helps provide an intuitive experience and simple login process.
The Jog Forma treadmill has been specifically designed for home-based workouts. In fact, Olympic Champions have used the same technology for years, which means you can experience the same security, guarantee and quality depended upon by elite athletes. Maybe you are wondering what kind of treadmill is best to place into a home gym that is short on space. Technogym’s response to that dilemma is this small treadmill, which needs no more than 22 square feet and measures L83”xW34”xH59”.
It is suitable for professionals, but also for beginners who want to start running. This small treadmill needs no more than two square metres and measures L2100mm x W860mm x H1500mm. Jog Forma treadmill can reach a speed of 18 km/h and a surface gradient up to 15% to push you to your limit! The treadmill allows a wide variety of exercises for different goals. For example, resistance for running, leg strength or agility A comfortable run is easier thanks to the wider running surface.


Feel in control and safely train within your target heart rate zone by using the Constant Pulse Rate system, which tracks the progress of the heart rate and then adjusts the speed, incline and resistance to provide you a safe and effective workout. The Hand Sensors or chest strap can track your heart rate in real time to monitor your workout. Jog Forma is an interactive treadmill. When purchased with the Forma Training Link, you will be able to connect your iPad to your treadmill so you can watch movies and listen to music to keep you entertained. All your training data is tracked and can be downloaded into the dedicated training app: Forma Training App.


The price of Jog Forma includes two years warranty, transport and installation. Technogym takes care of every detail: from the sale to the installation and mounting of the fitness equipment. This also includes final cleaning of the home area where the treadmill will be installed. You can plan delivery and installation on a day and time that suits you.


New content, smart features and enhanced design: Forma Line is suitable for both home workouts and professional gyms. The Forma Line is made up of cardio equipment for home and for everyone who wants to keep fit and stay in shape. Complete with bikes, recumbents, treadmills and elliptical trainers, Forma is the cardio line for every kind of home gym. Bike Forma and Recline Forma are a great solution for home training if space is limited. Find out more about the Forma Line designed for home cardio workouts.




Jog Forma is a professional treadmill that allows you to enjoy simple and effective workouts thanks to the new user interface with QR code guidance and new hand sensors. The Long Life Deck, sturdy frame and powerful motor enable superior performance.
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Technogym offers premium transportation and installation services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes the assembly and positioning of the equipment, comprehensive testing, and the final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked for the date and time that best suits your schedule.
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