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The Wellness Tools™ Range

Unique, elegantly designed Wellness Tools™ for those who want to work out in style wherever they are.

Maximum Wellness, wherever you are 

The Wellness Tools are timeless pieces that represent a perfect blend of technological research, design and craftsmanship, the allowing the user to train in style.

Manufactured from high quality materials designed specifically for the fitness industry, the Wellness Tools guarantee durability and safety, while at the same time allowing the user to perform full-body or targeted toning exercises. They’re easy to assemble and use, can be perfectly integrated with one another, and can even be seamlessly paired with products from the cardio and functional movement ranges.

Unique to this line

The Wellness Tools™ range - Maximum versatility

Maximum versatility

Ideal for toning, strengthening, and increasing the elasticity and flexibility of all the muscles in the body, the Wellness Tools are perfect for both beginners and athletes alike, whether training is done alone or with a personal trainer.

The Wellness Tools™ range - Easy & functional

Easy & functional

The innovative technologies utilized render the accessories safe, functional and easy to use. They're designed and built for people who love to stay in shape wherever they go.

The Wellness Tools™ range - Wide range of exercises

Wide range of exercises

User manuals with a complete range of meticulously illustrated and easy to follow exercises.

Featured Wellness Tools Products


Turn the time you spend sitting into an opportunity to exercise with Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting. The ball is actually a piece of exercise equipment that can serve as an interesting alternative to a traditional chair in order to help strengthen muscles and increase balance, while at the same time improving flexibility, coordination and posture.

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The Wellness Rack

The Wellness Rack is an elegant and functional weight kit that's beautifully designed with an innovative fastening system and loadable disks trimmed with silicone to avoid damaging any surfaces.

The Wellness Rack
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The Wellness Bag™

The Wellness Bag™ is a portable kit of accessories that includes resistance bands, handles, and ankle straps, all of which can be carried anywhere to perform training exercises at any time. It’s a veritable travel gym for improving strength and flexibility.

The Wellness Bag™
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