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Blockchain in fitness

Fitness and technology are in love. The idyll began several years ago, with applications, machinery and products becoming increasingly innovative, and the trend seems to have no intention of stopping there. A new technology, which has become famous for bitcoins, is in fact being introduced into the industry, promising to transform it forever: the Blockchain.
In 10 years, in Italy alone, the number of fitness enthusiasts has increased from 5 million to an almost double figure. These numbers tell of an exponential growth that is not limited to our country. In fact, Europe ranks first in the world for the number of members of sports centres. In total, in our old continent there are about 60 million members, for a turnover that has exceeded 26 billion euros (data 2017, European Health & Fitness Market Report). In the light of these statistics, those involved in the sports and health business are asking themselves new questions: how can the number of users be increased still further? How can we continue to improve the quality of services?

What is blockchain?

So what exactly is Blockchain all about? Blockchain is the computer technology that underpins the BitCoin universe, but it also has many other applications. It was created to combine privacy and security in transitions and, simplifying a lot in the concept, one could say that it is nothing more than a great register.
The Blockchain can be imagined as a ledger written in indelible ink, whose pages cannot be torn, which keeps track of every single piece of information that is inserted. Each information is a "block" that is added to the "chain". Not only economic transactions, then, but also information, videos and music. Everything can be done with Blockchain technology.

A new training concept

In such a technologically developed context, where users are looking for as much flexibility as possible, one of the few elements that seems to have remained unchanged is certainly that of payments. The idea of introducing the technology behind bitcoin to the fitness world came from here, but Blockchain immediately showed that it could cover very different functions in this sector as well.
A gym subscription, a personal trainer or a fitness course: Blockchain technologies will allow users to access all these experiences without even having to leave home.
Through the use of this technology, users may soon be able to connect and simply download lessons and content, or make a payment for access to services and professionals that until recently could only be found by going to the gym.
For their part, personal trainers will be able to upload content to the Blockchain, so that people anywhere in the world can follow their advice, programs and instructions, relating directly to them, without any intermediary.

In short, Blockchain technology is opening up new doors and could trigger a real revolution in the world of fitness.


As we have just seen, Blockchain is a technology that, among many other applications, can be used both to store information and to manage payments. For this reason, several companies around the world have set to work to create a transaction system optimized for gyms that takes advantage of this technology.
Among the most promising is the Fitrova cryptocurrency, linked to a fast, cheap and reliable platform that offers easy and effortless payments.
A similar idea was developed by New York startup GymCoin, who promised to revolutionize the fitness industry with their new digital currency. The GymCoin platform allows gym users who adopt it to pay directly for every single service (personal trainer, courses and related activities) without having to go through a secretary or take out a long-term subscription.
On the other hand, why struggle even before entering the gym?

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