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These four Rumble training tips will make you rethink your treadmill workout

For some, the treadmill has been a tool that they’ve dreaded for years. Running in place, nowhere near as enjoyable as enjoying the open air.  But at Rumble, fitness boutiques offering now in five different major United States cities including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., instructors are trying to change that.

First starting as a boxing concept in 2017, the brand added “training” classes to the schedule in late 2019 — consisting of intervals on both the tread and the weight bench. Not just any tread, though, a custom Technogym treadmill.

The Rumble team flew out to Italy to work with Technogym and come up with the ‘ferrari’ of treadmills, I’d like to say, says Noah Nieman, co-founder and Chief Fitness Officer at Rumble.

We were able to utilize their 30+ years in the business creating functionally efficient, beautiful, sleek, and safe equipment, and ultimately take their world-leading Skillrun treadmill to the next level with two joysticks and a custom interface ideal for the Rumble customer, he added.

Rumble training tips

Rumble Training is a 45-minute, 10-round, strength and conditioning workout that delivers serious results in a fun and high-energy setting. Spend half the class on Skillrun, the treadmill touchscreen interface allows users to choose their level and seamlessly toggle between pre-set speeds and inclines. Powered by custom Rumble music remixes that blend hip hop, house, and timeless classics, Rumblers will walk out sweat-drenched and maxed-out with an endorphin high like none other. Whether you’re kicking things up a notch at the Rumble studio or take on the treadmill on your own time, we connected with Neiman and Andy Stern, Rumble’s Director of Talent and founding trainer, for their top treadmill tips.

1.   Mix up your intervals

If you hop on the treadmill and go one speed for 45 minutes, then of course it’s going to get a little mundane. That’s part of the model at Rumble, and what Stern suggests to clients doing things solo. “Adding some variety in intensity, speed, and incline will take your heart rate on a roller coaster journey which ultimately leads to a better burn.

2. Turn up the beats

At Rumble, they work with DJs to create custom playlists to go with their run programs. “Once that beat drops, it’s hard not to feel hyped,” says Neiman. The research agrees: over half of the people who participated in a sponsored study said that music gave them the boost they needed to push harder and workout for longer.  Even more awesome? An impressive 68 percent of those surveyed agreed that the right tunes help them show up when they otherwise would have skipped out on exercise.

3. Do it with a friend

Whether it’s in-person at a class or virtually, committing to tackling a treadmill workout with a friend gives you another reason to show up. Plus, squading up for your fitness can make you stay at it for longer, according to a study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.

4.   Remember your why

At the end of the day, it’s OK if the treadmill isn’t your absolute favorite piece of equipment. However, remembering why you’re getting up there in the first place can help you push through those subpar moments. “The emotional piece that works for me personally is reminding myself there are millions of people who don’t have the ability to do this. This is a blessing. Take full advantage of it.

Goodbye, classic treadmill. Welcome, Skillrun. Today there is some good news about indoor running. Science offers new methods of training, technology answers with innovative tools. The secret? Focus on the quality of training, using the interval training method, playing on speed, inclination and duration of intervals. There's more: if you're an athlete, training in a Skillrun Class allows you to simulate some conditions that you can find in your competitions, difficult to replicate with outdoor standard training.

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