Benches & Racks

Our dumbbells and free weights are the perfect addition to our weight benches and racks. They also make an excellent starting place for setting up your own home gym, along with our accessories. Available in a selection of sizes, they are accessible to people of all ability levels, whether you are a beginner or you are training for the Olympic Games.
Evolutionary Feedback
Free weights are paramount to a good muscular workout. As the proud official supplier of fitness equipment to the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the past 20 years, our dumbbells and barbells have helped shape some of the world's finest athletes. This elite athletic performance experience goes into everything we create.
Designed for Safety
As with all of our products, our free weights were designed with safety in mind, which is why a combination of a polymerization process and welding the handle to the masses allows for all of our dumbbells to come as one piece, preventing the danger of any give or play.
Beautiful and Effective
Our chromed dumbbells offer better protection, so they will last longer and make your product work harder for you. All this is managed while creating a sleek, modern design that does not look out of place in the home. You can also be certain that our free weights meet the highest professional standards.